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Design in AutoCad - advertising totem for 65 inch TV set

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    FARLOV: FARLOV Footstool FARLOV Armchair FARLOV 2-seat sofa (2 small pillows incl.) FARLOV 3-seat sofa (2 small pillows incl.) HOLMSUND: HOLMSUND Three-seat sofa-bed (with 5 pillows) HOLMSUND Cover for corner sofa-bed (with 5 pillows) All 3D model and visuals in 63 textures.
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    3D model of 2 characters
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a contractor to make a 3D model of two figures , a Cosmonaut 3.5m high and next to him a monkey 2m high. The 3d models I can purchase or you purchase to make them unnecessary. The most important challenge is to give texture to the figures in the form of cube cubes with colours matching the figures but to make the cube size 12x12x12 cm. The 3d cubes are convex and concave and it is not a superimposition of squares on the character but it is supposed to be as if the character is composed of such cubes. Contract with full copyright transfer.
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    I am looking for a contractor who combines knowledge of soccer training and animation technology. The purpose of the contract is to develop 10 minutes of animations showing the indicated actions in soccer - using one of the programs: 1. TacticalPad 2. Tactic3D Assumptions and requirements: 1. you will receive a video with the indicated soccer field actions that we want to illustrate in 3D material from the perspective of the players we indicate. 2.On the contractor's side is the task of drawing out for animation the course of the indicated actions on the pitch board. It is necessary to indicate the positions of the players to be depicted and the players visible in the background of the action from the first person (perspective of the player leading the action). Indication of the movement of the players and the ball. 3. generate 3D video on VR with the assumption that the image is visible from the first-person perspective of the players leading the action. It is not possible to look around the person, but the actions are seen from the perspective of the action leader and the videos will be viewed on VR. Adding starting and ending boards. 4. other requirements: to be discussed with the selected person
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    Good day, I am looking for a person to count the maximum allowable load for a designed overhead crane. I will provide more information in a private message
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    It is mandatory for the person to be a UX specialist to periodize the experience Goal: Test the convenience and understandability of the interface for customers on the platform. Task flow: 1. Register on the platform using the email address provided. 2. Filling in the necessary data to get started. 3. Searching for projects according to the specified specialties. 4. Taking part in collaboration with the client through the platform, where a test project will be delivered. 5. Successfully complete the project and leave feedback. I attach the entire assignment in a PDF file
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    I have about 20 visualizations/arrangements of furniture to do at the moment. If the cooperation turns out to be nice and pleasant, I will have more orders.
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    We are looking for a contractor to improve and expand an existing cover design in 3ds Max Source files (mode / textures) are available. 1) better reproduction of the material - the idea is that it should not be so artificial but softer, not so PVC, with a slight mesquite, just like the real product 2) better more realistic reproduction of the seams, also the material put on at the seams more like the real thing 3) two new visuals in the field ( on the trail and another in the snow / rain...something like that) - emphasizing waterproofness, usability 4) new design of the bag - without the drawstring - it's on velcro 5) improvement of the vent model 6) rendering of additional 2-3 shots of the model on a white background You are welcome, Christopher - eBeige
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    We are looking for a modeler to model a medium-sized residential building (consisting of 46 units), total floor area of about 3000 sqm. - The building must be created in Rhino 7. - It is necessary to comply with the modeling guidelines, i.e., lock repetitive elements in the appropriate blocks and maintain the division of materials into layers. - We will provide a set of guidelines before executing the order. - The model is to be created based on the architectural design (.pdf or .dwg).
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    Objective of the order: To find a graphic designer with experience in 3D packaging design to create a technical/production design for two types of cosmetic bottles with a capacity of 30 ml and 45 ml. The bottles are to be made of transparent material of cube shape with rounded edges. Bottle specifications: 1. 45 ml bottle: - Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm - Shape: Cube shape with rounded edges - Material: Transparent - File Format: STEP 2 Bottle 30 ml: - Dimensions: 8.4 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm - Shape: Cube with rounded edges - Material: Transparent - File Format: STEP Graphic designer skills required: - Experience in 3D packaging design, especially cosmetic bottles. - Ability to create an accurate technical/production design in STEP format ready to be submitted to the manufacturer. Other Information: - The design is to be done with attention to detail, taking into account all technical aspects needed for bottle production. - Please send me a portfolio or examples of previous packaging projects. - The deadline for the project is negotiable.
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Profit Partner
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Design and 3d
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Preferable skills:
modeling 3D
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Job description

The subject of the order is to make a drawing and a 3D model of an advertising totem, which will allow the installation of two televisions (on one and the other side of the totem). Under the monitors, space should be designed for flyers and business cards. The totem should also include space for a phone charging panel and cable outlets. The screens should be protected by transparent plexiglass facing the unit. The TV screen designed in a horizontal position. In the lower part of the totem, space should be designed for 2 Dell Optiplex desktops in such a way that the computer placed in the lower part of the totem can be pulled out of the entire enclosure like a drawer (doors with a lock on both sides of the device).

The design should be prepared so that it can be divided into layers for laser cutting. The frame of the device made of steel profiles, the outer casing easy to install to the frame made of galvanized sheet metal. Plexiglass screen protection.

Type and number of projects:

single project