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I am looking for a person to create product thumbnails for allegro auctions.

I would have about 20 products to start with. If the result would be satisfactory, I would be happy to submit another 150. The themes of the photos are toys/articles for children aged 0 - 24 months.

The next stage of work would be to change the photos already on the auctions themselves, by:

1. adding children's photos (I sell toys/products for children).

2. photos with dimensions (vectors)

3. adding certificates on the photos

4. highlighting on the photos the advantages of the products (magnifications, magnifiers, arrows)

I would like a person who has already done this kind of thing, knows the rules and regulations of allegro in terms of product photos, has watched some videos on YT on how to create thumbnails and has some experience.

I would ask you to attach some sample thumbnails/product photos to your offer.

Type and number of projects:

20 photos (thumbnails)

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