Creation of an order system with custom calendar and payment system or integration with WooCommerce

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The system is to allow you to order a diet and pay for the order.

There are to be 4 different diets (different number of meals in the package and therefore different price).

The form is to include standard fields (First Name, Last Name, Residential Address with the option to indicate a different delivery address, Phone Number, Email) and a calendar to indicate the period of service.

The aforementioned calendar must meet several assumptions:

- allow orders to be made for a period of no less than 20 business days (automatically skipping weekends) and no longer than 3 months

- block making orders for 2 working days from the current day (so that the company has time to purchase products and prepare the diet; for example, ordering on Tuesday the nearest available date is Friday, ordering on Wednesday the nearest would be Saturday, but since the company is not working, the nearest active tile is Monday)

- automatically calculate the value of the order for a given number of days (based on the daily rate per package)

The system is to allow no more than 200 reservations at the same time (currently the company's capacity is not large enough to prepare more than 200 diets/day).

A necessary condition is to connect a payment gateway (Przelewy24, BlueMedia or an option for integration with WooCommerce because part of the site will most likely be built on WordPress anyway, so that the Principal can easily publish news). Of course, I will provide all the necessary data from the Principal.

OPTIONAL - the system should allow you to put within each day's menu (list of meals, short, the text itself from the hyphens/points).

From the administrative side, it would be super to have the option to display orders in the form of a calendar or "task list" for the day . If a preview of the menu for a given day was to be implemented (optional item), the admin panel should have an option to enter the list of meals, e.g. directly in the calendar.

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