Creation: Logo + visual identification, graphic design + coding, 5 landing pages

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    Teosto 25 deals
    Creation of graphics for Facebook posts
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order includes the preparation of graphics for Facebook posts Once the order is completed, production files needed Experience in working with Adobe Photoshop required Dimensions, examples and number of pieces specified in the attachment
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    Teosto 25 deals
    Creation of FB/IG/WWW/G-Ads graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order includes preparation of graphics for Facebook posts, Instagram, Google Ads, website graphics and one type of animation Billboards and Gazette is sent by us in the form of PDF/PSD files, from which you need to extract products for graphics Once the order is completed, production files needed Required experience in working with Adobe Photoshop Required ability to create a simple animation Dimensions, examples and number of pieces specified in the attachment
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    Martyna Ż. 17 deals
    - knowledge of the subject of personal development, self care and motivation. - minimalist style - permanent cooperation - monthly settlement
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    Krzysztofff 4 deals
    10 pages (graphics + text layout)
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    Hairstore 20 deals
    We are interested in cooperation for promotional sets that change every two weeks. Approximately per month we commission approx: - 15-20 sliders for the homepage (desktop and mobile version), - 15-20 banners for the landing page (usually the same design as on the slider, but in a different resolution), - 20 graphics for social media (Facebook), - 20 graphics for social media (Instagram story), - 10 graphics for newsletters. Usually we place orders a week before the expected date of completion of the project, but in exceptional situations the deadline is shorter. Greetings Patrick
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    Grzegorz 3 deals
    Nail products
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, The order is for two types of products: nail polish and plastic bottle with liquid. Nail polish: white bottle + different colors of the cap (white, color, glitter) + color names on the drug. Different lettering on the front of the bottle. The order is for an open file (Adobe Illustrator) due to new colors coming out. Quantity: 60-70 Plastic bottle: white bottle, capacity 100 ml. Also open file. Sample varnishes can be found by typing "hybrid varnish" into the search engine. We want to achieve an effect similar to varnishes from popular brands (shadows, light). The best would be a reproduction of Claresa brand varnish. The announcement is not about label design, we have labels ready. A portfolio with similar orders is welcome. With successful cooperation, new orders are possible.
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    Masha Woytczuk
    - logo showing prestige and modernity - will be placed on business clothing, some yachts and standard in printed materials and electronic versions - deadline 7-8 days - company website
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    Crowder.PRO 13 deals
    The project consists of UX/UI design for a website and graphic design in the investment industry (cryptocurrency/real estate/financial investments). The website will also be transactional (via API to the exchanges involved in the sale). We forecast that the website will have about 40-50 different views including an investor alert form and a subscription form (stock/crypto), the ability to download pdf files.
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    ITvip 3 deals
    Graphic designs for Google ADS local ads
    Proposed by freelancer
    Needs Graphics with sizes: 1200 x 628 and 1000 x 1000 Times 3 different designs. That is, a total of at least 6 The designs are to be used in google ADS remarketing, a local computer service. So they are not to contain a lot of content and have complex graphics, but to catch the eye and draw attention.
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    Interior stucco. A shot of the trim without the entire interior .
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Rafał Lingowski
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

6000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
corporate identity
layout design
vector graphics
web design
Valid until:

Job description

Goal: we create a new brand on the Internet

Logo + visual identification to be invented according to the guidelines

Website template (with an emphasis on performance on mobile devices) + coding and implementation on WP, including launch on

Filling the page, e.g. 5 landing page under kay words under SEO according to guidelines, e.g. 5,000 characters / pc, settled as agreed

Receives from you a site set up on hosting (to choose from), partially filled with SEO, installed necessary plugins, launched with the appropriate performance.

At a later stage, we will expand and position on our own or commissioned.


Brand: Building Cleaning Technicians Group [TCB Group]

The budget is contractual because it depends on the proposed actions.

First of all, it depends on the exclusive / prestigious image (visual identification) and performance of the website, with an emphasis on mobile. The project must be placed and handed over to our use at WP.

About the project in general:

Grupa Technicy Czyniczego Budynków is a group of experienced specialists who provide professional renovation of building materials throughout the country. We make, among others washing roofs, washing facades, cleaning paving stones, impregnating roofs and facades, and painting.