Creation and configuration of a product card

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Data processing
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I will order the creation of a product card according to the example. Fashion industry.

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creation of a product card

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    This project seeks to execute market analysis, devise a customer acquisition approach, and construct a launch blueprint for "Skyway Prop Firm", to be accomplished in a span of 7 days. The goal is to pinpoint potential customers that will profit from the services of the prop firm, successfully captivate them, and carve out a robust market foothold. The project budget is pegged at 18,000 euros, payable upon the successful culmination and delivery of the project.
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    bannergear 1 deal
    Introducing IdoSell products
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I have about 100 products to introduce for a new online store to the IdoSell platform. Description, price, stock, photos, pdf files and technical data for each product taken from the manufacturer and Polish distributor. Make me your offer.
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    Wojciech 2 deals
    I am keen on personalized email addresses to people with a managerial position in the welding industry. Please don't confuse this with office/company addresses like - this is meant to be a direct contact to a person in a high position. I care about at least 1000 addresses.
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    I am looking for a person to add addresses to the given list of companies (company name + email address) It is about 1800 contacts. If you are interested, I will ask you to send me an offer with approximate completion time
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    Creating an ebay account
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello need person to create ebay account and migrate products from online store only people with experience
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    Work on telephone lead generation/business customer base creation in the Netherlands. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Work from home at a computer consisting of, creating a database and sending emails. Up to a few hours a day ideal for those on parental or maternity leave. Possibility to move to the role of assistant / virtual office person. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Ana Stibilj
    Proposed by freelancer
    ASAP - INSTANT EMPLOYMENT - ASAP We're an international company operating in the online sales for more than 5 years in more than 20 countries, selling different types of products: cosmetics, toys, car-cosmetics, hair appliances, make-up, etc... We're looking for multiple reliable and flexible person in CET time zone to complete our group of FB ADS UPLOADERS, these would be the tasks that the right person for this job would need to do: - make daily uploads - create ad campains on FB - searching for a product that are missing on accounts - pick the best creatives and text to sell our products - work with colleagues for best results What we offer: - 4,00 €/h - remote position - professional onboarding from our advertising specialists - full support from our team - performance tracking and feedback Teamwork, communication skills and relationship with colleagues are crucial and always come before any kind of experience. Because work can be learned, and these virtues are instilled in your character. So please, apply if these three criteria are at their maximum. We look forward to our future cooperation, which, we believe, will last a long time! HS PLUS is one of the fastest growing ecommerces in Europe with 20 000+ orders per day, 5 mio FB spend per months, 10 + mio monthly income, 250 + employees More about us:
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    Marek Bąk 1 deal
    A task related to a large data set (Big Data). Task description: Choose a dataset that is large in size and diverse. It can be a set of data downloaded from the Internet or self-created data. The data can be textual, numerical or a combination of both. Data operationalization method: Use an appropriate method to operationalize Big Data. This can be the method discussed in class, such as Gephi, Wordij, Brand24, Voyant Tools or any other method that will allow you to analyze large data sets. Make sure that the method you choose will allow you to generate little obvious inferences and deepen your understanding of the data. Data analysis and inference: Conduct an analysis of the selected dataset using the selected method of operationalization. Accurately describe the data analysis process and present the resulting conclusions. Separate conclusions that reflect the research process and include insights that are not so obvious. Develop recommendations for using this type of data in further analysis. The report should include: A description of the selected dataset, including its characteristics, size and diversity. A description of the chosen method of operationalizing the data and justification for the choice. A description of the data analysis process and a presentation of the conclusions reached. Conclusions that reflect the research process and generate little obvious insights. Recommendations for the use of this type of data in further analysis.
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    We will outsource the auction (copying from allegro) to other portals such as morele, empik, olx. The administrator must check the correctness of the auction and perform optimization for positioning. Each product comes in multiple variants. Basic auction to issue 4 auctions is 10zł Multivariant of this product 1.50 PLN from the auction (replacement of decor and minor corrections to the description)