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    Mania Buchwald
    Intro and Logo Animation for Podcast
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of an intro and logo for a podcast about music. I would like the intro to be a moving several seconds and transition into a logo with the name of the podcast. I would like it to relate to music, music production. I have a specific color scheme in which I would like to keep the intro and the board and a preliminary vision, but I am open to suggestions from the artist. There may be a need to match the animation to the music (e.g.: showing the beat in some way or matching the appearing elements to the background music). Please quote me a rate for the implementation of: 1) the logo/platform itself 2) the animation itself based on the submitted logo/platform 3) the package I am keen on a quick turnaround time, as the first episode will be published later in June.
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    maker 2 deals
    I do not know the appropriate vocabulary of the industry but , I need some drawings of simple devices in a kind of transparent form, where the individual elements of the whole have a different color or shade. Based on patterns from simple drawings or similar projects. Such 3d technical cross-sections
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    Professor Muddy from Harry Potter
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to create an animation of Professor Muddy (bust is enough), from the animation is to move one eye (in certain directions) and mouth (saying certain words)....eventually instead text displayed at the bottom of the screen....
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    I am looking for a painter to make a copy of Granville Redmond's painting of poppies (photos of his paintings are on the commons at wikipedia) and make a time-lapse video while painting. In this style I don't need the painting itself (so it can be small), but I need more pictures to make a time-lapse movie from. I need it for a theatrical production. The pictures can be taken with a phone. The choice of image itself is not that important. Perhaps there are computer techniques in adobe after effects that also allow you to make such an animation? Peter
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    I will order the preparation of visualization and animation of a product: for example, an air curtain
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    snufkinSTUDIO 1 deal
    Short animation for website + logo
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to convert a short video from yt to animation and add a few things to it I mean from the link to extract the moment from 0:09 to 0:18 only instead of the pokemon should pop up a logo which unfortunately we do not have yet (so the option + logo also great)
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    bestool 2 deals
    I need a few seconds animation of a simple logo (from Something like: Or: I will need an export in 4K and source files.
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    Czarek Kozłowski
    Music video animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to make an animation of a music video for a song of my choice. The song can be proposed by the contractor. I will provide more information in a private message.
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    ecommerce-blog 39 deals
    Animations for video
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission the preparation of animation for the finished video. We are looking for a person who will take care of "applying" animation to videos. As part of the order, we provide ready-made videos. Please contact us if you have experience in the implementation of animation. Please send us a portfolio with samples of animations that have been made. We will send detailed information to interested persons.
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    Animation presentation of the application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission an animation showing the operation of the application. I do not mean to record the screen, but to prepare the elements on layers and animate them in an attractive and understandable way, the script is provided by me. The subject of the order is the animation itself without voiceover and music. I am interested in the quality as in the link below or better Please quote me a price for 30 seconds of animation I am interested only in contractors with similar animations in their portfolio.
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I will commission the creation of a template under canva in which it will be possible to duplicate the number of "slides". It will be a kind of product show, for example, from newspapers.

I am interested in the project under YouTube + Instagram

Type and length:

2 minutes of different animations that can be duplicated between other "products"