Creating a dynamic slider / carousel for a WordPress-based website and adding the possibility of distinguishing the post from the level of writing text

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160.00 PLN

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user experience design
web development
web site
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Job description

I want to create a slider / carousel (I don't know what it's called correctly) in the form of a grid with entries that would appear there in such a way that when writing an article I could immediately check the box, eg "highlight entry".

I would also like the posts that would not fit on the slider but were displayed in the usual grid of entries on the home page and subpage, to have an exclamation point or asterisk icon.

Here is an example: There is a lightning bolt next to the featured articles. So I mean something like that, but a bit larger, more eye-catching.

Required features

Slider / carousel with highlighted entries Highlight entries that do not display in the carousel, but are marked as highlighted with an icon Checking the "highlight entry" option directly when creating the entry

Preferable solution

The website is based on WordPress

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