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    Goldengroup 1 deal
    I will outsource vpn openvpn configuration between two asus routers (2 locations with public ip) so that both networks see each other as if they were in 1 network.
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    KONEKO 16 deals
    The purpose of the order is to optimize a site based on CMS WordPress. The main task is to organize and throw out unnecessary reqests and other assets so that the site runs quickly. This is not an obvious task, as the site has about 40 plugins including WPML and WooCommerce A person is needed who has experience in this type of work.
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    DRT sp. z o.o. 11 deals
    We are looking for a person who has programming skills and can navigate Google ADS. The task is to separate the conversion into where it occurred and its type, such as a phone call, and program this into Google Ads as a separate conversion. The main goal of this task is to make the results of the marketing campaign for the product true.
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    Piotr Chabros
    I need consultation on choosing the best hosting for a server for a new website then I will need help with the full configuration of this server along with the creation of a pipeline for the deployment of changes to this server - run manually - the whole environment is to stand on docker the code will be on bitbucket I also need help in installing SSL certificate on the selected server please quote the cost of the order for more details feel free to send me a private message
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    geekweb 1 deal
    Joomla upgrade to version 4
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an upgrade of the entire Joomla system from version 3.10.11 to version 4.x. The update certainly requires a bit of gymnastics, because the scan before the possible update "spits out" several incompatibilities in modules, components, etc. In a nutshell, the task is to make the site work invariably, with the same graphic design, but already on the Joomla 4 engine.
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    List of devices used in the project according to the student's index number: e.g. index number is 123456 45 - the number of PCs 46 - the number of laptops 3+4 - number of servers number of switches = number of edge routers number of core routers = number of servers + number of edge routers number of edge routers = 7 (seven) I will give all the details to the interested person in a private message.
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Vorp core 2.0
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. convert gum_character to vorp environment (lua) -> and here vorp: OR 2. rewriting vorp_character which is in c# to lua. For both, take into account vorp core 2.0 and work on the /rc command which does a character load and restores health and stamina unnecessarily. This needs to be blocked so that it does not restore either health or stamina.
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    Contreo 3 deals
    Offlin database
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I am looking for a person to help prepare a product database that allows the following functionality: - definition of the product, options and features - definition of relationships between elements so that only those features and options that are related to the product and to each other are configurable - generation to csv files of all possible combinations based on the current relationships between the various elements of the base. The idea is to prepare a database in any environment, preferably offline, on which I can work independently. The database will have 1 user, it will not be shared over the network, so even the most simplistic tools are involved.
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    Kordian M 1 deal
    MySQL Database
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am about to move the site to another service provider. Unfortunately, my MySQL database is over 1.2 GB, and the service provider can add the current database at a maximum size of 1 GB. I am looking for someone who can shrink the database. I have some junk in there from former plugins
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    Patryk Ryłko 1 deal
    I have access to a ready-made ImageMagick script, but I can't get it to work/operate. I need someone to run it at my place, check the correct operation and instruct me how to use it. I will send the script in a private message. For those with knowledge of ImageMagick.
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Taxedo Sp. z o.o.
4 deals
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Other IT services
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Job description

I will order the creation of a contract generator. which will generate contracts based on the completed form in .pdf

The form must be active, depending on the choice of options will highlight/appear other fields to complete.

In addition to the data, the generator has to insert photos (signature/stamp)

and generate a completed agreement.

It would be good if such a ready-to-use agreement is immediately transferred to the archive along with the uploaded form.

Required functions:

Place or location: