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Online shops
Expected budget:

1000.00 USD

Preferable skills:
online shop
web site
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Job description

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We are looking for someone to create an add-on for the Shoper sales platform, for a store with children's beds.

The problem:

The beds come in different sizes. E.g. Bed "Zuzia" has several sizes (160x80, 180x100, etc.) After adding to the cart, the customer should be able to choose additional components, e.g. additional mattress, additional drawer, additional railing, etc. This can be done in variants directly in Shoper. However, the problem is that Shoper does not allow you to change the price of a particular additional choice, depending on another additional choice.


For a 160x80 bed, an additional railing costs 100zl, a drawer costs 120zl, for a 180x90 bed - a railing costs 120zl, a drawer costs 140zl, etc.

It is possible to do this by generating all variants as separate "products", but in that case for one bed there are up to 120 variants that would have to be entered manually - a very long time and error-prone.

We need a configurator that would allow us to add accessories for the selected bed variant at the appropriate price, whether before adding the product to the cart, on its card, in a popup that pops up when adding it to the cart, or otherwise.

One solution has been partially implemented and is available on the store - you can be inspired by it and create a similar one, or even finish this one (the developer who did it does not have the ability to finish the project):

Required functions:

As per the description

Template / individual design:

As per the description

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