Collecting and processing data with Python using Api Gpt-4

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Looking for a person for permanent cooperation with knowledge of Python at least MID level.

Experience with scrapy, splash, hetzner, pythonanywhare is welcome.

Required functions:

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    We are looking for a freelancer to create a tool to: - download data from the restaurant's profile - in particular the menu and export to .xls - check the availability of a restaurant and its menu items on platforms
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    Good day, I will commission a program that uses a scanner or camera to read the part number as shown in the attached photo. The number should be entered into the program on a Windows computer.
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    In preparation is a plugin for Chrome browser displaying additional information in the product warehouse Data retrieved from Mysql database.
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    [SQL statement] SGT - I will order a statement the same as the standard "VAT sales register" + in addition, data on goods: the symbol of the goods + quantity + purchase price from the document + marking whether the line is a good or a service. + symbol of the warehouse where the document was issued If there are several lines on 1 document - then goods separately, in each line. Data about the buyer unnecessary. Search/filter the same as in the default statement + additionally by commodity symbol.
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    Website BOT
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    I order to write a script that lists linking to a website
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    Remote management of a network of computers
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