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    Script for Photoshop
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to write a script for Photoshop. The script is to create a levels adjustment layer and find the point where the burn in highlights starts considering only the red channel
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    Hello, I will commission the development of a PHP-based application with SubiektGT. When an order is placed in the system, a receipt is to be issued in the program
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    Crowder.PRO 15 deals
    smartcontracts programming on blockchain
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will establish permanent cooperation with developers with proven experience in designing smartcontracts on blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Hedera protocols). Good knowledge of Yul, Solidity or Vyper expected
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    Contract to complete database for IT service We are looking for an experienced freelancer to help us supplement our database with email contacts, phone numbers and other information on the featured people from ten domains. We have tens of thousands of people records and a list of ten domains with selected information. Requirements: - Download the e-mail address and phone number including extension number (if applicable) and maintain uniform formatting. - The e-mail address should have the format: part_first@domain. The phone number should not contain spaces or extra characters such as (), +, etc. - The data should be placed in a google doc file. Additional conditions: - If the provided email address does not exist on the entities' pages, the address should be generated based on the pattern of email addresses of at least 5 other employees of the entity. Then, in the "Was the email generated?" column, mark "yes" to know which addresses were generated. - You should download the link to the import source and put it in the "Link to download source" column. more to be discussed later
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    helper 2 deals
    Kit production system with reporting
    Proposed by freelancer
    The system is to allow packaging of ingredients according to the recipe (creation of a set) The kits are then collected in bulk (stage 2), and shipped (stage 3). There is also administration (import of ingredients and kits with recipes). Ingredients and kits have serial numbers - they should be verified The application should be web-based/responsive (preferably dotnet and app hosting on azure) Printing on local printers can be handled by printnode for example Details in the attachment (doc and xls)
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    AI 22 deals
    Quickly add entries/files to server page
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission the implementation of a solution which is to be able to quickly add content to the site. Unfortunately, currently content is added through the admin panel by several people at the same time which causes server overload and the site does not work because of this.  We were thinking of adding previously prepared posts directly to the server. I am also open to other suggestions to avoid overloading the server. Please let me know what price for the service and how it would look like. If additional questions arise, please message me.
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    s01e15 5 deals
    I will commission modification of an existing script (git repository under a license that allows it - or creation of a new script in Python. The script is to be used to track and count the number of people crossing a certain border based on real-time camera images. The script will run permanently on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer (running Raspbian or a similar operating system) with a camera connected and internet access. Required changes: - Maintaining only the real-time camera image mode. Adding information (person input, person output, network status) for debugging while the script is running. - Transmitting information (each input and output, network status) via MQTT protocol to Ubidots platform. - Changing the shape of the border to the letter "U" and being able to further customize its shape. -Enabling headless operation on Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. Please refer to the base repository and send me a concrete offer.
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    Creating a Game in C++ Hexxagon
    Proposed by freelancer
    The project is to create a console game in the style of the classic DOS game Hexxagon. The user should be able to play either with the computer or with a second player. The game's graphics should be designed using a graphics library (such as SFML). The game involves taking over as many fields as possible with your pawns. When the pawns move in the nearest area - they duplicate each other. In case a pawn moves to a place one grid away, it jumps to that field. When a player's pawn is laid down, all surrounding pawns are swapped for the same type of pawn. The game ends when the entire board is filled with pawns, or when one player no longer has the opportunity to move. The player whose number of pawns is greater wins. Functional requirements After starting the program, the user should be able to choose the game mode - with the computer or with another player. After selecting the game mode, the user is taken to the view of the game board. It is a hexagon-shaped board with three empty spaces where you can't place your pawns. Players can move any chosen pawn during their turn. The game should give the option to choose which place the pawn will be moved/spaced.
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    Simplo 10 deals
    Hello, we need a piece of code (php+js). We have a form with 3 fields. We have a BD with three columns. We need to create an autocomplete for each field with data from a column in the bd. The autocomplete is not to be case sensitive and to take into account the replacement of Polish characters (e.g. łódzki can be lodzki).
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    P&E 12 deals
    Creation of a CRM program
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the writing of a CRM system that will contain information, as attached
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Good Morning - we will commission the configuration and training of BASELINKER support with PrestaShop 1.6 (and 1.7 under development) in our company specific under allegro auction support.

Integration, Testing, Training of a person with integration, options, modifications and operation of baselinker.

Required functions: