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    We are looking for a company / programmer who will be able to perform regular updates of our Windows (PC) application for us. Currently, we have completed cooperation with the developer of the application and have received the source code for this application. The application is written in Qt/C++ language. It is a music application with access to 2 music players, where some of our users log in. Logging in, reading playlists in the players is done via API - JSON from our main service. Currently, we need to implement a third player in it - offline. It is to be an exact copy of one of the already available players in this application (PLAYER 2), with the difference that a given playlist is to be downloaded immediately in its entirety and thanks to this playback is to take place already without the Internet, and not as in the current player 2, where the downloading takes place on a track-by-track basis. The budget for the implementation of this update is PLN 1000 gross, as this price is performed for us in the rest of the same applications but for other platforms. The application is available for download at the following link: In case of interest we will send access to a test account. In addition, information for the rate per hour of work is welcome, because as I mentioned at the beginning - we are primarily interested in permanent and long cooperation. The service is growing rapidly and 2-3 times a year we report more new improvements / modifications to be implemented. I am available for any questions. Tomasz Kowalczyk
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    I will order to write a bot for automated purchase of eco-pea on pgg and tauron.
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    I am looking for a person to integrate MicroSMS_pl payment gateway (documentation attached) with Prestashop 1.7 (preferably as a ready-made plugin). Please send me a quote for the project.
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    Completing the vodflix service.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the completion of the website For more information, please feel free to contact me at e-mail
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    I am looking for a person to integrate MicroSMS_pl payment gateway (documentation attached) with Prestashop 1.7 (preferably as a ready-made plugin). Please send me a quote for the project.
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    Turulo - Wordpress handyman 7 deals
    I will commission a real estate search engine table similar to the one in the attached link - I want to enter data for the table in the CMS Wordpress panel using CPT (Custom post types). The search engine must operate on the data entered into the fields created with the ACF (Advanced custom fields) plugin. The design should be made so that I can style it using CSS and prepared in such a way as to allow the creation of new columns with new search options. Simple instructions are welcome, I would like the whole module to be placed in a php file that I can freely call in different places on the page using the "get_template_part()" function. I would also like the results in the table when filtering, to load similarly to under the link, that is, without reloading the whole page. I think the best option would be to create such a table on a clean installation of Wordpress, along with the necessary plugins, on which the contractor could prepare according to the above-mentioned guidelines, the finished product. And the contractor could log into the panel to see how everything works from the inside. When the work is completed, it would be possible, with the help of a simple all in one wp migration plugin, to create a copy which the contractor would upload to his target site. Please feel free to make an offer, best regards ;)
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    I have a problem with the payment gateway przelewy24 - an error appears - An error occurred during the execution of the transaction. Incorrect call. Incorrect checksum. The plugin was reinstalled unfortunately nothing helped. problem with p24_sign I am looking for someone to solve this problem.
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    Hello, I would like to download data via APi from wholesaler - ultimately to wodpress/woocommerce store. I am looking for a person to create an integration : Api -> Microsoft Access - Downloading data from the above mentioned site as MS Access tables. I would use MS Access to classify products once to create queries. Of course, it does not have to be MS access. Api can be directly integrated with woocomerce or other intermediate software. The data must be retrieved periodically and in the store itself it must be possible to set a cron sentence to update prices and stocks. The macma wholesaler offers product labeling - I don't need variant labeling selection data and calculations. The data I need: - description - features (color, material, brand) - photos, - prices, - stocks - categories - subject categories (sets) In total, everything but the calculation and its application (calculate). Ideally, the link should be created on the basis of an already working solution.
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    Program to buy eco-pea on
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the creation of a program that will buy eco-pea on the website or allow buying without problems for a family living in a single-family house.
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    websystems 58 deals
    Creating a Wordpress theme
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for a theme developer according to the specifications from the attached photo. The theme will be used and modified many times by me and therefore I need a protocol for transferring the rights to this theme. I care about practically not using plugins.
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Desktop/web applications
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general applications
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Job description

We would like to create a BOT that could be added to the website

data and create an EAN barcode

An instructional video on how to do it manually and an Excel file with data is attached

With each session, only one thing will differ:

product name and product symbol

The rest of the data is constant, the data is the same every time

The list includes several thousand products

Instruction in the form of a video in the attachment

Required functions:

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