Arranging the space around the house

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    Radosław Makosz |
    Good day, I am looking for someone to help me design the layout of the various elements on the plot(house, garage, garden, etc). I already have some concepts, but I would like to support myself with the help of someone experienced in garden or plot design. Please take into account in the quote that I would need several proposals. Greetings
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    SELLMAX 4 deals
    Preparation of model documentation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to commission Vectorworks to create technical documentation of an existing model of an apartment, i.e. two rooms: a bedroom and a kitchen.
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    Bartosz Rak
    Company that will build and sell timber frame houses will commission : Making 5/6 projects / graphic visualizations ( 5 images from outside 2 images inside ) 3 x 35m and 45m and 2 x 70m . Houses for application .
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    Redrawing CAD Inventory
    Proposed by freelancer
    Order to redraw inventory from sketch to CAD or REVIT model
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    To perform the recalculation of the footing, changes were made to the reinforcement and the diameter of the poured column from ver1 to ver2 to verify what concrete and whether it carries the loads adequately.
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    We will commission architecture students to design a 3D terrace on the roof of a service building (gabled roof) with a list of elements needed for construction - an area of about 30m2, built with barriers without a roof, the initial concept is established. The project can later be used for diploma credits at the university. Those willing, please contact me
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    I am planning a major renovation of the house 90 meters first floor + 40 meters attic. I have photos of the original drawings from the time the house was built 20 years ago. I am looking for a person with an open mind and ideas who will make arrangements and visualizations of the body of the building and interiors with new features. Probably an extension will also be implemented. Please send me offers with pricing and links to sample works.
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    GWAP Sp. z o.o.
    I am looking for a permanent cooperation architect who would take care of : 1. Adaptation of ready-made single-family house projects purchased by the client. Usually houses between 70 and 150m2 - please ask for a proposal - lump sum or price range 2. creation of a new construction project of a single-family house based on inspiration from a ready-made project - Usually houses between 70 and 150m2 Working directly with the client. Usually the process up to just obtaining PnB
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    Kamil Adam 1 deal
    I need adaptation of the existing premises for single or double rooms, we will use the bathrooms that are there, and a shared kitchen .I care about maximum use of space may be created even micro rooms 1 -2 persons - will be intended for manual workers with occasional use.
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    Luk2018 130 deals
    I will commission the architectural design of a simple single-storey house with external elevation dimensions of 9m x 14m. Gabled roof in the style of a modern barn. I have prepared the layout of rooms, plots, windows, etc...sample project attached. Please send me a quote and approximate completion time
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I will commission the arrangement of space around the house,

Garden, terrace, place for a pool, place for a birch tree.

The plot is partially landscaped, wooded.

Visualization will be needed,

Type and number of projects:

The surface area in sqm.: