A platform for sales, web-based.

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Desktop/web applications
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I will commission a web platform, the operation of which would consist, in general, in:

- entering an item (product)

- displaying all entered items in a dedicated window/view

- sending the entered item (product) via API to 2 other services (integration/REST)

- importing results from 2 services to the sent request

- e-mailing the entered item (product) to a predefined list of recipients (permanent recipients, there will be 3 defined and editable groups of recipients with company name and e-mail address)

- preparation of a panel in which the administrator adds and removes users

- statistics in the area of products entered into the platform, products sold, revenue, margin , others (including to present the results per month on a line graph with the option to filter the period over time)

The mockup of the platform is already prepared rally so you do not need to spend time on designing the appearance.

Budget - negotiable. I foresee constant cooperation in the development of the platform as we get feedback from users. Form of payment (invoice, contract, etc. to be determined). Feel free to contact me.

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