3d interior visualizations

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Karolina Osinska
Job category:
Design and 3d
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Preferable skills:
modeling 3D
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Job description

design office seeks 3d graphic designer/visualizer for permanent cooperation in creating interior visualizations

Type and number of projects:

To be determined ... several projects per month.

Recent jobs from category Graphics and design

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    Hello, I am looking for people for permanent cooperation who are able to make a 3d model of a building on the basis of technical plans and visualization.
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    3d design of a catering establishment
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to do a 3d design of a glassed-in restaurant (cafe) with a garden seated on a city beach. For the project I will attach the above mentioned photos or if you can it can be in the background graphics referring to the nearby environment. The project needed to present the concept in the Office, so it should be made according to the standards.
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Making 2 AR overlays
    5000.00 PLN
    Create 2 3D AR Instagram overlays according to the process: 1. creating standard 2D graphics 2. turning 2D graphics into a 3D object (in the program of your choice) 3. upload the 3D object to SparkAR and create a filter + Export of the filter, upload to the market, to the client's website Overlay specification: Overlay 1: Product X vs. Product Y Dog (we take a picture of the dog, so he is not part of the graphic design) + 2 packshots (tops of packages) - this we animate to 3D. That is, the overlay shows two packshots (either two at once or two to choose from - e.g., changing when clicked), when the photo is taken, the brand hero would appear - a toy dog that would wag its tail. Overlay 2: Vitamins and minerals Dog + open bag of our product + pictograms of vitamins/minerals coming out of it That is, the overlay shows a packshot (ideally, we could add several - e.g., changing when clicked on), after the picture is taken and/or when clicked on, pictograms would appear coming out of the package informing about the full-flavored composition.
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    We are looking for a creative UI/UX Designer to help us create an attractive and intuitive design for our influencer web application. Our platform is designed to help influencers reach relevant campaigns and increase their effectiveness. Your role will be to create aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions that help users realize the full potential of our app. Responsibilities: - Conduct research on users, their needs and preferences in order to Ensure optimal user experience. - Designing and prototyping user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) user experience (UI) for the web application. - Implement best practices for interaction design, navigation and information structure. - Collaborate with the development team to ensure consistent and effective implementation of the design. - Testing and evaluating the usability of designed interfaces.
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    joomla 2 deals
    Visualization of terraced houses
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of visualization of terraced houses, 3 houses added to the row. House project House in riveach 5 (GB)
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    DanielDaniel 1 deal
    Creating a character model for UE5
    Proposed by freelancer
    - Transfer (from photos) of a woman wearing an ornate gown to a model that can be used to create an animation in UE5. - So that it can be recognized that it is clearly this person wearing this particular dress.
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    MegaMarket S.A.
    3D - renders of store shelves
    Proposed by freelancer
    I currently have products listed on the e-store - 3D renders: 1. https://megamarket.pl/produkt/regal-sklepowy-mega-m-merkury-przyscienny-h-210-cm-l-103-cm-modul-bazowy/ 2. https://megamarket.pl/produkt/regal-sklepowy-mega-m-merkury-przyscienny-h-210-cm-l-101-5-cm-modul-dostawny/ For 1. it is 11 renders (graphics) For 2. it is 7 renders (graphics), including 6 repeated from 1. Realistically 1 new graphic. To do: Analogous to 1st -> 15 sets of graphics (15x11=165 graphics) x 3 colors; Analogous to 2. -> 10 sets of graphics (10x1=10 graphics) x 3 colors. All these graphics will be based on the same elements - solids. That is, when you make 1 set of solids, you have a "ready-made" for making the others. The differences will be in heights / widths / number of shelves / colors.
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    Window showroom
    Proposed by freelancer
    The subject of the inquiry, is to design an interesting showroom, window and door showroom. Area of about, 100 m2.
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    Simple 3D design
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to do a simple 3D design in any program.
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    Due to the introduction of design changes in one of our produtcs, we will order to make from scratch or improve the render of a furniture rack. We are keen on a fast turnaround time. We send all necessary materials