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    Questions and answers will be from the education industry, such as. By when can I submit my documents? We are recruiting starting April 1. We expect that: - there will be a short intro at the beginning of the video - the question will be animated with an icon referring to it (e.g. if the registration is a writing hand) - answer (if it is too long - tell us what looks good, how to shorten it) - final board in "Follow us on/more on" style There would be a total of 50-60 videos.
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    A short animation to pitch deck
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    I need a short animation (about 30 seconds) which will show how the website works. The animation will appear during a presentation to investors.
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    Creating short videos with VideoScribe
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    Good Morning, We are looking for a person to make drawn animations in VideoScribe. These will be for cryptocurrency-themed videos. First, a narration is recorded which will be sent to the performer along with the transcription. It will also be accompanied by any necessary details or clues if something was not understood. It will be the performer's job to animate the presentation and synchronize it with the narration. The length of such animation will be about 10 minutes. We would ask for a quote for 1 video.
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Hello, I need to commission the production of an animated film promoting packaging tapes for pallets (packages) with goods with individual customers' prints.

1 video - showing the advantages of packing with advertising tape and information about the ordering process in our company and technical possibilities (2-3 minutes)

2nd movie - shortened version to a maximum of 30 seconds

Our company logo should be used in both videos.

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3 minutes of animation