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Łódź, Poland
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I am a dynamically developing music and record producer. I can process the sound in a professional way, mix tracks, create a new sound according to a vision. I am a musician myself. I record my own concepts as well as other concepts.I produced CD album and some lector tracks/radio plays.I want to create as much sound as possible,gain experience, because it is my true passion supported by solid knowledge. I can use most DAWs but I pay a lot of attention to ProTools.Also i have a distinctive bass voice that can be used for audio presentations / fairy tales/ radio plays.

Fiendish Wand-As Far As Nothingness Album

Blackened Symphonic Metal from Poland.Duration 38 min.Album includes 9 tracks. Heavy punch music mixed with soft sounds and choirs.Project done with Reaper and ProTools.

https://fiendishwand.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR2lP3HYOUAlhcNS8z5YxKkpUBKA0Vmfcj3-eJmptw2yaqxSdp8DRCkGvJM download:

Słuchowisko ''Dolina''

Project done with ProTools.

download: słuchowisko_2.mp3

Słuchowisko ''bajka''

Project done with ProTools.

download: Słuchowisko.mp3

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