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Currently a computer science student in the second year of an engineering degree and the first year of a management master's degree. I have a wide range of knowledge in various fields of management and mastered the basics of programming in .NET and database development. I easily assimilate new knowledge and my additional interests are board games, RPG, and books in crime, fantasy, and horror themes.


Adobe illustrator Adobe photoshop Business analysis C# C++ Copywriting Corel draw Data analysis Excel Gimp HR Html5 Innovation management Market analysis Online advertising Social media Social media marketing Trade marketing Web analytics Wordpress


portfolio/003/149803/krajobraz.png The Last Journey

Image created in Adobe Photoshop. It shows a man on his last journey. The tree is more prominent than the rest in order to attract attention and expose it.

portfolio/003/149803/Old_Fashioned.png Old Fashioned Logo

A simple logo created in Gimp. Potentially of a shop with Whiskey of various kinds.

portfolio/003/149803/Profil.png Last Samurai
portfolio/003/149803/postac.png The Vampire