Tomasz Ciotucha

Tomasz Ciotucha

Joined on: 2020-02-02
Poznań, Poland
SKILLS: audioaudio editingaudio recordingbackground musicenglishmixingmusicmusic arrangementmusic compositionpolishradio spotsound engineertranslationvideo editingvideo post-production

I am a sound oriented artist and researcher based in Poznan, Poland. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering and a master’s degree in Acoustics. I have also finished Music Production in the School of Modern Music in Wroclaw. Currently I am studying Interactive Media at the University in Poznan, and Electroacoustic Composition at the Music University in Poznan.

For almost 3 years I’ve been working in a studio and as a sound engineer during live concerts. I can edit, mix and master your sound material or record one for you. I can provide high quality sound design, as it’s the thing that I enjoy the most. I also do some sonification and video editing in my spare time.

These are the programs that I use:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton 10
  • Adobe Audition
  • Final Cut Pro X

As a junction of music and technology, I extensively use Max/MSP/Jitter to construct my own audio or/and video effects and synthesizers. If you have an idea of a, let’s say, Max for Live device or some specific human-computer interface (e.g. using ultrasonic sensors or Kinect), I can help you realize it.

Apart from this, I also have a C1 level in English. I did translations for few EU projects and also have written my master’s thesis in English. I can translate a text from Polish to English and vice versa. I can do transcription from video or audio file in both of these languages.

In my portfolio you can find my thesis, a showreel, documentations of my installations and audio devices, and one example of my electroacoustic composition.

Electroacoustic composition 'Marzenie' download:

Sound design showreel download:

Documentation of my interactive audiovisual installation 'Language Unspecified'

A documentation of a second version of the installation 'Language Unspecified', which was presented in 2019 in ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.

download: Language_Unspecified_Tomasz_Ciotucha_Documentation.pdf

Portfolio with my artworks

download: Portfolio_Tomasz_Ciotucha_Max_MSP_eng.pdf

Master's thesis on the topic 'The Effects of Binaural and Monaural Beats on Episodic Memory'

This is my master's thesis written in English.

download: The_Effects_Of_Monaural_and_Binaural_Beats_On_Episodic_Memory_Tomasz_Ciotucha.pdf

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