Joined on: 2021-03-26
Warszawa, Poland
SKILLS: musicrecordings

Professional musician, composer, singer, author of music and lyrics. Education - electronics engineer. Experience: creating music and lyrics, arranging music, organizing concerts and cultural events, creating studio equipment (every stages).

Wzmacniacz gitarowy lampowy z cyfrowym sterowaniem

Guitar amplifier, completely tube sound path with digital control, including automatic control in DAW, with saving and recalling all of the settings.

WSW Siemens Germanium preamps renowation

The germanium microphone amplifier modules of the famous WSW Siemens Deka studio console were renewed.

Prelude for harpsichord with orchestra

Composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering of the piece in the baroque style. download: Prelude_for_harpsichord_with_orchestra.mp3

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