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We follow our Customer – we enter data and create databases in Office Suite programs (e.g.: Excel, Access) and CRM systems. If our customer requests it, we can work on other customer systems/platforms.

Comprehensive office support – we offer mailbox support; prepare, verify and digitize paper documents; enter data into a system; create customer bases in CRM systems; register and record the whole documentation. We are open and we can provide all possible Back Office services.

Speed and accuracy – our employees are people with several years of experience, which is why the orders we undertake are made quickly and with the utmost care.

Security – the data that we process is obtained only from legal sources, we operate in accordance with the GDPR.

Individual pricing – we do not impose fixed rates, we modify the price to best adapt to your needs.

No additional fees – you only pay for the entered data. We do not charge for accepting and conducting an order.

Many years of experience – we are a young company, but our entire team has at least 5 years of experience working with data and back office services.

Quality guaranteed – we provide a free one-year warranty for our services, which means that we will correct all possible errors free of charge.


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