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Composer, guitarist, session musician. Recording engineer, producer, sound designer. In the industry for over 20 years. He collaborated as a producer with the Private Puppet Theater "Marcinek". He has made nearly a thousand recordings of music bands, plays, voice-over recordings and others. Currently, he focuses on making recordings and their processing as well as composing film music.


Audio editing Background music Mixing Mixing/mastering Music Recordings Sound design Sound editing Video editing


#ROG4CREATORS konkurs dla komponowania muzyki do animacji ROG4CREATORS_-_Slawek_Strozyk_entry.mp3

Application for the # ROG4CREATORS competition organized by the #ASUS company The aim of the competition was to create an interesting piece that would suit the film at the same time. The aim of the piece was to show the combination of electo / synthwave style with film and metal music, emphasizing the events on the screen. Work on the project covered the scope of composition, recording, mixing and mastering the material.

Mass Effect - Legendary Soundtrack Medley Cover

A tribute to the Mass Effect soundtrack. Contains medley covers of songs from the game.

Slawek Strozyk - "Dr Plague"

Trailer of my own piece: "Dr Plague".