programowanie montaż filmów

programowanie montaż filmów

Joined on: 2020-11-23
Niemcz, Poland
SKILLS: adobe photoshopc#databasesexcelhtmljavascriptmusic videomysql.NEToraclephpplsqlskryptsqlvideovideo editingvideo editingwordpressxml

My name is Martin. I am a programmer, editor and filmmaker with 20 years of experience. If you need help in the following areas: - programming, e.g. the phpbb forum - upgrading to higher versions - programming and putting pages in Wordpress - making and editing wedding videos and films, including those from a drone at an affordable price - editing films, video clips in 4K resolution to a music piece of your choice or a music piece of my choice - making and editing drone films - Oracle technology programming: Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, PL SQL, Oracle Pro*C - programming desktop applications in C# you have found the perfect man. I would add that you will not wait long for implementation. I do not like to postpone work for another day. I act quickly and effectively because of my extensive experience, gained over the years.

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platforma NSport+, filmowanie z drona stadionu żużlowego

Filming from the drone of the Speedway Stadium in Toruń - Marian Rose's MotoArena during the last speedway match of the team from Toruń in speedway exterior. download:

Karolina i Przemek - teledysk ślubny

Wedding video made and assembled for Karolina and Przemek. The photos from the drone were also taken by me. Clip in 4K resolution. download:

Forum literackie - phpbb

Conquest, i.e. from the phpbb2 forum upgrade to the highest version of the phpbb forum. download:

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