Piotrek Gil

Piotrek Gil

Joined on: 2020-10-01
Tychy, Poland
SKILLS: copywritingenglishpre-sell texttechnical

Hello All my time I try to spend very productively, I have a number of skills that help me work with the computer. I like to acquire new skills, at work I put a lot of emphasis on the precise execution of my duties. I have experience in many job markets, including the IT and music industries, I have worked in a restaurant in England in the past and I have also recently developed as a seller on an online auction site. I spend my free time taking care of my health, self-development and realizing myself in my passion which is playing the guitar.

System sterowania urządzeniami AV – Full stack development

I’ve programmed and delivered control system for devices like projectors, screens, amplifiers, HDMI matrixes in a new KUKA Company’s training centre. With the system, user with in-wall keyboards or an iPad can turn on/ off the projectors, set volume level, set video input, etc. My most important tasks were to figure out how exactly the system should work, to write the program, to design and create touch panel, to write an instruction manual, and finally to deliver the system to the customer.

download: Kuka.pdf

Napisanie nut do piosenki rockowej

I’ve written notes for a young rock band, so that they could register their music in ZAiKS (polish organization that manages copyright law) and start earning money with their compositions

download: Nuty_Karls.pdf

Napisanie tabulatury gitarowej

I’ve written guitar tabs of a complicated fingerstyle arrangement, so that my client could learn his favourite song.

download: Taby.pdf

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