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From: Poland

Location: Grudziądz, PL

On Useme since 21 September 2018

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About me

I am an English>Polish translator specialising in localization with emphasis on game localization. I also translate texts from the fields of IT and marketing, as well as general texts. From time to time I carry out proofreading tasks of such texts as well. I have over 3 years of experience in working on localization projects. I started my career as a translator in 2016 and since then I have participated in various projects for 30 different games of many genres (including adventure, RPG, racing, survival horror, turn-based and hidden objects). I have translated narrative texts, dialogues, user interface, names of items and achievements, descriptions of updates and texts of other types. So far, I have translated over 500,000 words of content related to the above-mentioned fields. I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English studies (specialisation: translation, specialised translation) and have graduated from the University of Gdańsk.


English Proofreading Specialized Translation



I started working for this company in June 2019. I translate texts related strictly to game localization.

Graj Po Polsku

Graj Po Polsku is a group which produces fan-made Polish translations of video games. I joined it in October 2016 and left in 2018. As an active member, I took part in various translation projects and was responsible for translation of dialogues,...

Studio Gambit Sp. z o.o.

My co-operation with this company started in January 2018. Since then I have done a number of translations of texts from the fields of localization (e.g. software and electrical equipment) and marketing.

ATL Translation Localization

I have translating for this company in November 2017 and since then I have done numerous translations of texts belonging to the fields of game localization, multimedia, IT and marketing. I have also done several proofreading tasks of such texts.