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From: Poland

Location: Warszawa

On Useme since 12 May 2023

About me

Do you need a technology team that will transform your original idea into a working, innovative product? We will help you at your MVP’s concept stage, carry out the implementation and plan all necessary further developments. We build MVPs for completely new ideas as well as scale more mature or advanced projects.

We help automate processes that occur in organizations. We develop software that will increase the efficiency of processes, reduce the risk of human error, and improve data readability and transparency. We integrate solutions with external vendors.

We prefer to work with an MVP approach, which allows us to start a project quickly. This creates a solid foundation for further development, implementation and validation of new business ideas. During the development of an MVP, where iterations of the implementation of individual functionalities are short, we stick strictly to the project's objectives and business goal.


Angular Cloud Css Databases Flutter Html Html5 Java Javascript NodeJS Postgresql Scrum Spring Sql Xml


Implementation and deployment of a distributed transaction system for a Consumer Finance client in East Africa. Development of mobile applications for several million customers (Android, iOS, USSD), integration with decision engine service.

Implementation of a tool to handle the accounts receivable management process and counting of specific reserves.

MVP versioning support for an InsurTech startup. Interactive mockups, user stories, UI/UX, version 1.0 prototype.

Implementation of a financial controlling platform. Scalable analytical tool to provide advisors with an automated analytical process. Full software development support (Angular, SpringBoot, CI/CD, GCP Kuberenetes).

Implementation of a credit decision support system (integration with ActiveDirectory, optimization of credit data acquisition costs, module for verifying the cost of reponse, compilation of a tunnel to test environments in the Bank, CI/CD).

Design development of e-commerce platforms for the international market. Integration with central warehouse and design of marketing and sales processes.