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From: Romania

Location: Iasi

On Useme since 27 September 2022

About me

Programmer with 4+ years of experience, main experience and passion is front end but first year started with automated testing in python. Being curious he accumulated basic knowledge on a lot a subjects like databases sql and mongo, python, Kubernetes configuration, docker file, Jenkins pipeline automation, nodeJs, react, vue. Working in the agile way from the beginning he created a web app for monitoring pipeline data and actions as an internal tool for Continental. He contributed on 2 different projects for the same client while working at Endava, one platform was used to manage real life tasks, workers that would pick and complete these tasks, equipment for those workers . and the other project was a mini social media for the workers to be informed and to connect with others. Right now working for Quickleaf where he learned vue in order to contribute on a web app building tool.


Aws Css Frontend Html5 Javascript NodeJS Python React Typescript Vue Wordpress

CV / Résumé

May 2022 - Now

Front end engineer


I develop new extension pages for template apps written in Vue3.js, update and maintain existing ones, backend is implemented using NodeJS and communication done with GraphQL.

Aug 2021 - May 2022

Front end engineer


I create websites for international clients using the latest technology like react and typescript. ◦ Understand figma desing and implement using Typescript and React.Agile, similar library to Material-ui

Nov 2018 - Aug 2021

Full stack developer


In a new team with new project. They offer devops solutions customized for the continental environment but users would prefer a web app to centralize all the interactions.React,Material-ui,Nodejs,Agile,Jenkins, Learned Jenkins, Gerrit, kubernetes,VMs

Nov 2017 - Nov 2018

software developer


At Continental I first started with testing with a project that was close to being finished(microcontroller for cars). Manual tests for C code using separate programs that would control the hardware. Automated tests for C code using python


Small app with typescript React to draw fin charts

This is a small app made recently with typescript react, material ui and aws amplify for hosting. The style is retro intentionally since the functionality is more limited than the modern financial charts.