Ludek z Tower

Ludek z Tower

Joined on: 2020-10-31
Chojnów, Poland
SKILLS: background musiclectormusicvideo editing

hey u ;) my name is Lucas, Im 23 yo, graduated modern school of art - music production in Wrocław. I was recording voice-overs and small bands in studios. In need for working with sound I dispose huge base of instruments, mic's and synths in my working place. Nowadays some of them are rarely available, exp. polymoog, polysix, yamaha dx7, rhodes, hammond, neumann u67, u87 and so on. I believe that few years of experience and high class gear combined together are giving good results. Im doing my best to work that way for you.

As amateur im making score music, but daily as pro composing songs - ambient, IDM genre. I have abilities in making sound for short films and animations, as well for video edition. I work on platforms such as ( Ableton Live, Cubse 10, Logic Pro, DaVinci Resolve 16)

Hear you soon :)))))))

Realizacja Lektora

Realizacja nagrania lektorskiego na potrzeby e-booka - ,,Mindfulness znaczy sati'' Czyta: Tomasz Kryszczyński Wydawnictwo: Sensus Kwiecień, 2020 download:

Nagranie Live ze studio

Kamera i montaż w pełni wykonane przeze mnie. Muzyka: Vojto Monteur Miejsce: Tower Studio Wrocław Marzec, 2020 download:

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