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Warszawa, Poland
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I am professional music engraver. I work with Finale for 20 years. All kind of music. More information on my Web site http://www.music-engraving.pl/

Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

Marta Ptaszynska - SAPPHO SONGS for Flute and String Trio

https://pwm.com.pl/pl/stronaglowna/ download: Sappho_Songs_-_full_score_KOR_01.musx.pdf

Donemus Publishing BV

Angel Arranz - Punto Intenso Contra Remisso for cello + electronics, pre-recorded and live

http://donemus.nl/ download: Punto_Intenso.mus.pdf

Filharmonia Podkarpacka, Piotr Moss - Te Deum

Piotr Moss - Te Deum for soprano, baritono, mixed choir and orchestra

http://www.filharmonia.rzeszow.pl/ download: Te_Deum_PARTYTURA.musx.pdf

Boosey & Hawkes Bote & Bock GmbH

Simon Laks - Four songs with Tadeusz Sliwiak's lurics

https://www.boosey.com/aboutus/help/contact.cshtml download: Cztery_piesni_cor02.MUS.pdf

Andreas Pflüger - Konzert für Bandoneon, Cembalo und Orchester

Concerto for bandoneon, cembalo and orchestra

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=2z88keZkXsY&feature=emb_logo download: Konzert_-_SCORE01.MUS.pdf

Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

Elżbieta Sikora - SONOSPHÈRE III for orchestra

https://pwm.com.pl/pl/stronaglowna/ download: Sikora_E_-_Sonosphere_III_00_part.musx.pdf

Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz

Alexandre J. Eisenberg - Arquichorinho for clarinet and Piano

https://en.schott-music.com/ download: Arquichorinho.musx.pdf


Daniel Stirn - 4 melodies for voice and piano

https://www.armiane.fr/ download: Quatre_Mélodies_book_1_v.01.mus.pdf

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