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From: Poland

Location: Szczecin

On Useme since 4 May 2023

About me


My name is Jurij. My company offers business automation services based on Microsoft technologies:

  • routine and repetitive processes automation;
  • procurement process automation;
  • sales process automation;
  • implementing and supporting of the entire range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software;
  • development of AI chatbots;
  • development of RPA and OCR solutions;
  • development and implementation of AI systems for processing and analyzing text, images, video and audio. scrapping;
  • mobile business applications development;
  • other AI solutions.

Technologies: Azure, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Databases (MS SQL, Cosmos DB), Dynamics 365, Teams etc.

We offer Microsoft business licenses and Microsoft devices as well.

We are working with VAT. Payment only by bank transfer. It is possible to work on the pay-as-you-go system (without a one-time development fee).

I will be happy to discuss the details of your project with you. Feel free to write


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation

Implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales CRM. Setting up, customizing forms, views, security, integration with external services and Microsoft services. Teams Phone telephony connection. Connecting and configuring Customer Insights.

RPA system for trade company

Automation of work with software that does not have API access. Automatic entry of data into the accounting system, their processing, automated analysis of documentation.

Data Scrapping and Processing from Amazon, Ceneo.

Automatic collection of product data on Ceneo and Amazon. Analysis and visualization of the received information. Automated decision making based on the received data.

Development of internal AI Chatbot

Development of an intracorporate AI chatbot in MS Teams to automate the company's internal workflow, document processing and automate employee interaction.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Implementation

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service system and its integration with Dynamics 365 Sales. Setting up an IoT service, integration with external services and business applications.

Email and application data processing automation

Automation of Email and application data processing. Recognition of the received documents types and the automatic request of the missing documents from the sender. Extraction and automatic processing of data from attachments.

Data migration from Dataverse to Azure Cosmos DB

Data migration from a Dataverse database to an Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL database. New database structure development and automation of data processing in it.

Automation of work with feedbacks in the company

Automation of feedback collecting and processing from customers at the end of the sale. Automatic analysis of the data obtained.