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Hi, my name is Iza. I live in Lodz, Poland. I would like to work as a freelancer. I can handle the job of moderator - I am able to moderate social portals, forums, chats and films on video portals. I have been working 8 years as chat moderator. I can also take up filling up Internet surveys. Writing is my passion (you have access to my articles on this webside). Threrfore, I am looking up to edit or write various texts and articles (copywriting).

What else could I write about me? I am open-minded, tolerant, ambitious and hard-working person. I am interested in social issues (such as broadly understood social equality), psychological issues - I enjoy observing and analysing human behaviour and mentality. I am up to date with political events both in my country and worldwide. Among my hobbies it is worth to mention travelling - when I have time and money, I broaden the number of visited countries - sightseeing and getting to know new customs and cultures gives me satisfation (however, there are hard times now due to pandemic).

I know English (I studied English Philology on the University of Lodz) and German language (II passed Goethe-Zertifikat on C1 level) and norwegian on basic level.

I am looking for cooperation with you!


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portfolio/051/152351/dyplom_1.jpg Dyplom zakończenia studiów na filologii angielskiej
portfolio/051/152351/certyfikat.jpg Certyfikat z języka niemieckiego (poziom C1)