Dominika Redzimska

Joined on: 2020-10-30
Gdańsk, Poland
SKILLS: articledata analysisenglishtranslationtyping

My educational background is mainly about sociology and English Philology (translation studies) but not only. I am as well a business coach, and have postgraduate diploma of HRM. I have also finished a school of marketing and still learning on data science. My job experience is rather broad, including transport and real estate markets. I also used to be an owner of employment agency. However, the greatest is my experience in teaching English - about 15 years in every age group. My latest job was in an IT company in the PEARSON project, with creating interactive, online, language textbooks.

Projekt Pearson - redaktor treści e-learningowych

I took part in 3- months-long project as e-learning contents editor, which included preparation of interactive textbooks' tests on every level of school education. These were the digital versions of Pearson publishing company language textbooks. The job was done in special programme for content creation, based on modules and their properties. I had to create online version of exercises, make the layout according to inner rules and regulations, test the usability of pages and do some linguistic correction. download:

Motorcentrum Gdańsk

Website translation: classic cars renovation. Detailed description of the whole technological process. download:

El Technic Sp z o.o.

website translation on Electrical wiring on offshore and onshore markets download:

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