Dominika Lobermajer

Dominika Lobermajer

Joined on: 2020-03-18
Bytom, Poland
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Hi, my name is Dominika, I am a Serbian studies graduate.

I am passionate about foreign languages - I adore to learn it, as well as use it in practice as a language teacher and translator/interpreter. I am also fascinated with Polish language and I develop this fascination through transcribing, editing and proofreading texts. I think that if I needed to choose one advantage that describes me the best, I would say that it's exactly a very good knowledge of Polish grammar, spelling and syntax.

I'm also open for different office and administration tasks, as well as those related to social media, blogging, creating presentations or writing articles, but also those that require patience and meticulousness as entering, completing or verifying the data.

Kurs Memrise z języka serbskiego

Here you can find a Memrise course that I prepared for my students during a Free Language Convesation project by AEGEE Kraków. The course is publicly available and I'm still developing it so that it can be used by every simple person who would be interested in it.

My goal is to prepare it in this way that learning new words will intertwine with exercising grammar and that it all will be based not only on traditional school formulas, but also on songs, games and jokes - for I'm sure that the best lesson is fun. download:

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