Divine Art

Divine Art

Joined on: 2020-02-13
Nowe, Poland
SKILLS: audio editingbackground musicmusicrecordingssound engineer

I would like to introduce three main reasons why i would like to aquire this this kind of jobs.

First of all, I am comprehending sound engineer adept with 6 years experience in industry and work. I did a huge amount of work at this point. Going from realising standard band recordings with not so normal expectations, I participated in many Field recording sessions and composed and recorded about 5 hours of music/sounds. (Music for potential movie project, ambience.)

Second thing follows my Language sophistication. My English is fluent, and Polish is my Native language, this group of advantages fits the work perfectly. Also I feel this is somehow important on my way of improvement I would like to use my knowledge to benefit Your projects.

Third, and last one. I want to improve my skills everyday. Those jobs could definitely aprove my point not only on the "industry", but for my work and diligence (effectiveness) in general. Skills and Implementation!