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From: Mexico

Location: Venustiano Carranza, MX

On Useme since 17 June 2022

About me

I'm a video editor that specializes in short and medium video editing.


Video editing Video editing

CV / Résumé

Dec 2021 - Jun 2022

Youtube Content Creator


I run a Youtube Channel called "Daily Dose of Jschlatt", where I upload clips of the content creator Jschlatt. As I write this, DDOJ has 118k subscribers, and 62 million views, making me the largest non-official Jschlatt content creator.


Youtube Video (1)

Compelling and entertaining videos.

Youtube Video (2)

Subtitles for every speaker.

Youtube Shorts (4)

Hilarious moments extracted from long videos.

Youtube Shorts (5)

Perfect fast-paced and short videos for you.

Youtube Shorts (1)

I have several experience working as a short content creator.

Youtube Shorts (2)

Expertise in short content creation.

Youtube Shorts (3)

Perfect videos for content creators.

Youtube Video (3)

Best moments from your content.

Youtube Channel

YouTube channel dedicated to uploading videos about Jschlatt.