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Spytkowice, Poland
SKILLS: cssdatabasesdomain namegithtmlhtml5javalinuxmysqlphppythonserverserver administrationsqlweb sitewebsite administrationwindowswordpress

4th year computer science student. My daily work is troubleshooting in hosting services, mainly CMS WordPress. I help clients manage the server, connect everything: + domain + DNS + hosting + database + Files and database contents .isEqual( "Working website")

I also undertake the migration of static pages and dynamic based on the WordPress module between hosting and VPS servers.

Migracja WordPress między serwerami - integracja bazy MariaDB w MySQL

Migration of the entire website based on WordPress in two stages: - for the technical domain - transfer to the main domain

The new hosting only included MySQL. A copy of the website database was saved in MariaDB

Operation performed without DownTime.

https://gdynia.city/ download:

odzyskiwanie strony statycznej z archiwów internetowych i wgrywanie jej na serwer

server and domain have expired the customer has lost the website - I have not recovered the complete page - I have reconstructed and implemented the amendments - I've uploaded the page to a new server


Migracja i przekierowanie ruchu sklepu internetowego w locie na nowy serwer.

The migration of the store started with the integration of the database based on the MySQL engine version 5.7 and manual uploading of the table after the data table to the lower configuration 5.6 with the character encoding not supported by the new server. - fixing errors in the website files - data migration between servers (open heart surgery) - implementation of the test infrastructure - check consistency - transfer domain from the old server to a new one - implementation of the SSL certificate Old shop: http://pionierhoreca.pl/ New store: https://bankietowo.pl/



WEBSITE REPAIR • Downloading website files from the current server; • Debugging the page • Fixing PHP bugs • Database content verification. • Page files scan • Removal of infection • Replacement of the page files with the original ones

TAKING PHOTO OF THE SERVER LOCK • Unlocking access rights to the server

WEBSITE IMPLEMENTATION AND WEBSITE TEST • Uploading website files to the FTP server • Uploading database content • Performing basic website operation tests


Wdrożenie certyfikatu SSL na stronę opartą o CMS WordPress [+MultiSite]

The works concerned: - eliminating a Mixed-Content error in the Multisite homepage and 18 pages based on the sub-domains of other entities of this university - checking the structure of the website in the context of its preparation for WCAG 2.1 requirements (basic audit)

http://pwsw.pl/ download:

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