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Andrzej C

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Kalna, Poland
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Extend your Excel capabilities by adding macro functionalities and advanced calculations. Create user profiles based on databases, add forms, events and automate your work. Excel workbook examples: - Simple workflow system - create work orders, process them using predefined workflows, add notes and confirm completion - Custom calculator - Use scales to measure component quantity, use central database to determine and manage part/container weights, or use 2 scale system to measure quantity based on sample weight - Code generation - Use Excel to generate 2D codes, that enable automation of many processes - Production scheduling - support production scheduling, or order processing by using calculation and VBA algorithms, import order data and component quantities from various sources - Reports - Use Excel and Access to gather and report data. Send e-mails, or SMS (if a proper gateway is available) and create analytics. Various other possibilities - Most of what you can imagine can be done using Office tools and VBA macros - a tool, that can be found in most companies allover the world.

Name what you want and maybe I can help you create a simple and cost-effective solution.

Arkusz pobierający dane z bazy danych (SQL)

An example of a database query tool. It allows users to extract data from given database (in this case Oracle ERP). Queries can be predefined, or custom, stiff, or customizable.

Harmonogramowanie i planowanie produkcji

An example of a tool, that supports production planning and scheduling. Formulas calculate component/product demand, and a built-in VBA interface allows to work in a single, user-friendly environment.

Kalkulator produkcyjny

Production process uses many calculations. The below example is a simple component quantity calculator based on container database and a system of two scales, where one measures container gross weight and the other part sample weight. The output is component quantity printed on a label and code sheet for declaration in ERP system. Results of each measurement are stored in a database.

Raport produkcyjny

Production reports are more and more often sent in electronic version, with results sacred in a database. In this example, production and scrap report data is saved automatically in a database upon any change, whilst at the end of each production shift an email, containing a properly formatted report is sent to the supervisor (in this case as a picture for easy viewing on mobile devices). E-mails are sent automatically, upon pressing a button.

Narzędzia do planowania

A production planning support tool is presented in this example. Syggestions regarding production priorities are generated automatically and machine load is depiected in a clear, easy-to-read form. Similar products (in this case, the same material and diameter) are highlighted in green to minimize setup time.

Analizy danych - analiza kosztów

This example presents a cost analysis report, based on database extract. Basing on transaction information records, stored in a database, cost reports from specific / all areas are generated. After choosing proper criteria, a "TOP 10" summary is presented in the header, however, there is also a possibility to go into details (in this case, using a pivot table).

Narzędzia plug-in

This example depicts a simple user tool, that contains custom user functions. The tool functions as an MS Excel plugin and is available whenever the program is working (i.e. using keyboard shortcuts). Thanks to such tools, it is possible to use frequently used, personalized functions in any open workbook.

Przegląd realizacji

The picture presents an overview of multiple solutions. Each solution is created according to requirements presented in the project.

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