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Nice to meet You! My name is Adrianna Gregorczuk. Agile Management was founded through the trust and support of my devoted customers. I am not a business advisor who has eaten all your wits, and nothing really depends on it. In my opinion, You can read business books for yourself or buy one for your team, and so treat this kind of education as a very small element of motivational or development process within the company. For the last 10 years, I have implemented my passions in the field of sales, marketing, IT and management, based on real leadership in a practical way. In business, the most important for me are the principles of fair play and trust on the level of our partnership. I implement Your plans by providing ready-made tools, scenarios and I care for the project management with your team and direct them to achieve their goals in a short time. If You will choose cooperation with me, You will receive much more than just a finished product or service in need to support your sales or advertising. Feel free to contact me, I guarantee that I will give you as much time as you need.


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Mylenshop_com, opieka nad stworzeniem i wdrożeniem nowej strony webowej mylenshop_portfolio.pdf

Project assumptions of MLS website redesign - recommendations created and coordinated by the owner of Agile Management Adrianna Gregorczuk 1. [home page] Clear home page with simple navigation 2. [product card] Simplification of the product card 3. Standardizing product photos, placing them in a tile list 4. Optionally, add ratings next to the product 5. Place the descriptions of the product category under the product list, it will be useful in terms of SEO, but hidden from the user if possible 6. Simple payments, easy shopping path 7. Website security 8. A friendly 404 page 9. In the Home section, a transparent, responsive slider and a lot more...

It was important to fully optimize this website in terms of usability in relation to the client, adapt the website to the current (and even foreign) standards, SEO, as well as obtain high functionality of the website by making maximum simplifications.

The project was transferred to the Idosell platform

Różne materiały reklamowe realizowane w ramach kontraktu z firmą Mylenshop [online i offline] mylenshop_portfolio_1-skompresowany.pdf

Various advertising materials realized for the Mylenshop_com client

You can see author's cooperation with a graphic designer. I operate a fleet of trusted freelance graphic designers, who have proven themselves over the years of mutual cooperation. In this part of the portfolio you will find: - a created shop mascot, an original idea implemented from scratch, - unusual and corporate ID-compliant promotional posters, - leaflets, catalogs, label marketing, other special events in the form of a cross-section, - interesting product photos, - Instagram feeds in the form of a tile.

Branding (logo, kolorystyka, fonty) branding_portfolio.pdf

Various side work related to establishing branding. In the portfolio, You will find works from a wide range of activities - everything implemented in accordance with the client's vision based on team consultations. I have never seen dissatisfied when it comes to branding and establishing a coherent Corporate ID.