WooCommerce optimization and solution clone.

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Published: Status: open

Job description

I will outsource some tasks on https://www.schneiders.com

1. Improving the speed of operation on computers, optimization.

2. Update of plugins, review of warnings, logs, corrections in this regard for elemination.

Then, as part of the same order, I will order a clone of the website to a different domain, replace about 100 products on the prepared descriptions and photos, re-set payments, orders, all individual connections by design (fb, analytics, sitekit etc.). The goal is to be a complete, independent instance based on the same template, so that the customer can work with his other brand.

Work to be done within a month of time.

All tasks will be documented.

The price should be increased by 15% of the price stock in advance, so that the requests appearing after implementation (minor requests for small modifications on request) are met without any problems.

The goal is not to replace the template.

I expect experience in the field of WooCommerce and the ability to work with the client - for which you need time, knowledge and willingness. Adequate remuneration.

Required functions:

Online payments Order fulfillment Assortment management Synchronization with FB Forms handling Analytics support

Template / individual design:

The template is custom, we work on it.

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