Web application based on the litegraph editor

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Web pages
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8000.00 PLN

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Job description

We are looking for a developer who would expand the litegraph library (https://github.com/jagenjo/litegraph.js) with additional functions. The litegraph library is a node editor that allows you to create flowcharts and export them to JSON. From the user's point of view, the web application is to allow for the creation of a block diagram, e.g. for temperature monitoring.

Strong Javascropt experience is needed here, if you do not feel comfortable with Javascript don't apply for this project.


1. Top menu design and implementation

2. Litegraph implemented features review and rework

3. New/Load/Save and Undo/Rendo (merge with testing needed)

4. Frontend with Python (Flask) backend

5. Implementation of new nodes

6. Plotly graphs integration

Required features

1. Top menu design and implementation 2. Litegraph implemented features review and rework 3. New/Load/Save and Undo/Rendo (merge with testing needed) 4. Frontend with Python (Flask) backend 5. Implementation of new nodes 6. Plotly graphs integration

Preferable solution

No Wordpres, Wix,....

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