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    We have about 250 invoices of which photos were taken. The invoices were loaded into the program scanujfakture.pl, which managed to read the items from many of them. Unfortunately, the program did not cope with all the invoices, and in some cases there are errors. The order includes a review in the program's interface of 250 invoices, checking whether the read items match (in one interface is on the left photos on the right read data). If the data do not agree, or items are missing the order includes adding or correcting them.
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    Kamil Janik
    Customer acquisition.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning! I am looking for people to help me find clients. I do copywriting and website building in WordPress. I want to focus on fulfilling orders and improving the quality of services rather than looking for clients. In some time I am opening 2 companies so there will be an opportunity for more cooperation and promotion due to the development of the companies :) I am willing to cooperate with young (minors also) people without experience. The average value of the order is a few hundred PLN, so you can earn quite well :) If you are interested, please contact me. Greetings!
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    The work involves searching for companies and contacts according to designated quality criteria (industry, country, position). Required knowledge of Google search engine and finding information on the Internet, linkedin, Excel. As we need companies from all over the world, knowledge of English is required.
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    YouTube database of potential sponsors
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a database of potential YouTube sponsors who may be interested in partnering with podcast/lecture channels. ( creepypastas, audiobooks, etc. ). The scope of the database should include: Name of the company, business contact (email), whether the company has already collaborated with YouTubers, offer* ( e.g. expected payment per 1000 views - optional* )
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    I will order to build a database of B2C/B2B e-mail addresses about 150'000-250'000 addresses. Please send me a proposal with acquisition method, expected time and price.
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    bpapolska 4 deals
    Sky-Shop store database
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in developing a database of online stores based on Sky-Shop software. Information such as store URL, and store email address are needed.
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    bpapolska 4 deals
    Shoper store database
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in developing a database of online stores based on Shoper software. Information such as store URL, and store email address are needed.
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    zazka 49 deals
    Adding a site to directories
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    Looking for a person who will regularly work with me on: - acquiring links from whisper marketing ( your base of verified sites required) - adding sites to directories
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    Crowder.PRO 12 deals
    Need help building a network of publishers (influencers, bloggers, others) in the affiliate program of crowdfunding platform Crowder.pro (www.crowder.pro) run in cooperation with CircleWise Agency. Identifying the list of publishers, contacting them, sending cooperation offer, email and phone communication and other work as agreed. Remote work on a contract basis - min .6 months.
Jacek F
Jacek F
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Data processing
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data analysis
dodawanie produktów
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Job description

I am looking for an experienced and very reliable person to update the database. The assignment is urgent, so high availability is required this week as well as in the coming weeks.

The order may turn into permanent cooperation lasting several hours / week.

It is necessary to update the existing database (add new records, delete or update the existing ones).

As part of the database, it will be necessary to enter information such as:

- name, description, currency, etc.

- rates in different seasons

- photos

- calendar integration (some records have a link to the calendar, which is automatically read by the system).

- Taxes and fees

- etc.

The structure of the database is quite complicated and the work requires high accuracy and thorough data verification before publication. The database, record descriptions, and tools are in English.

Initially, meetings at Zoom will be necessary to click through the tools together and explain how the system works. We will also process several records together as part of the exercise.

We will work in blocks of 10 hours. I am asking for a quote for such a block.

In the application, please provide information about experience and availability. As I mentioned, the nature of the work requires experience, accuracy, and high availability in the coming week.

Thank you and I am waiting for applications from reliable people!

The job in figures:

10 hours of work.