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Unity mobile app update

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    REST application: frontend + backend (JAVA
    Proposed by freelancer
    An application that allows you to store (in a database), display and edit information about the kennel, for logged-in users. In addition, the ability to communicate between users via text chat. Please send me a sample quote and completion date.
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    I am looking for a freelancer to make modifications to an accounting mobile app. There have been modifications made to the web version of the app (in PHP, Laravel and VueJS) and now I need these modifications to be made to the mobile version of the app and add the app to the AppStore/Play store. The mobile app is written in React Native , the app is both on iOS and Android. I invite you to cooperate with me.
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    SkyUP Consulting 11 deals
    Putting a mobile game on the Apple store
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the insertion of a mobile game on the Apple store.
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    We are looking for a freelancer, preferably with experience, to create an app for Android and IOS. As for the functionality of the app, we assume : 1. design simple / with animations ( depending on the price ) 2. login methods : email, facebook, google, apple 3. payments 4. notifications 5. calendar with reservations ( integrated with booksy ) 6. loyalty system We realize that during the application design process itself, there will be many questions and concerns. Hence, we depend on professional service, experience in application development. If the portfolio holder is another asset. We are flexible, we can get along on any topic. We look forward to receiving offers.
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    steelmach 5 deals
    Making a simple mobile app - a simple question and answer quiz app. Something along the lines of at least Quiz Planet from the Apple store. Except that I mean a simple version of such an application. It is supposed to have only functions: - registration/logging in - filling in simple information about yourself (photo, name / nickname, gender) - selection of categories of questions (there will be several) - question presentation and choice of answer (verification which answer is good and addition or subtraction of points) or clicking on a hint and presentation of a text with a hint to the question. - ranking of points scored per category. A ranking of playing persons with a visible amount of their points. - It would be nice if there was some simple possibility for me to add new questions and answers. Of course, all the content (questions, answers, prompts) on my side. The app should be primarily for android, but it would be nice if it was also for ios.
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    Jakub Michalik - 10 deals
    Simple Android mobile app - Hybrid/PWA
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will make an MVP version of a mobile application for a construction company, working offline on Android tablet and mobile devices (android only). Data stored in the database, but we want the application to work also without the Internet - i.e. along the lines of the PWA principle. To begin with, to perform the functionality of user login (only login with the given login and password) based on MySQL or other database (as proposed by the contractor). **Target internal views of the application will be created in web languages HTML,CSS,JS** - the content of the application will be web-based. To be priced execution of Android mobile application which will natively handle the login process (displaying the form, login+password and login squat) and redirect to the appropriate http address to display the welcome content (index.php). Index.php content on the Ordering Party's side, to be made only installable .apk and support for user login, remembering logged-in status for a given device (so that there is no need to log in with data each time) + user logout functionality.
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    Mobile application to existing portal
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a portal for which there is a need for a mobile application - Flutter (Android and iOS). Basic functions: - authentication in the application on the same basis as in the portal, - about 6-7 tabs displaying tabular dates (layout to be changed), in the attached files the current layout of information (example) - the ability to send and read internal messages - the portal has a proprietary message exchange system. I ask in the bids to specify the amount of the task with a breakdown: the price of making the API, the price of making the application. I assume the option that I will provide the API to the contractor according to the guidelines.
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    Application - start up
    Proposed by freelancer
    looking for a person to set up a start-up experience in the development of mobile applications iOS, Android required agencies thank you
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    Mobile application Flutter developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a Flutter developer to support the software house team in the execution of a mobile application in Flutter technology. Those interested in the details of the assignment are welcome to contact us.
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    DeveloArt 1 deal
    React Native Developer/Mentor/Team Lead
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! We are looking for a React Native developer, or an experienced React Developer to take on the work of our in-house application. The ideal person is someone who would like to gain leadership experience. Under your wings, you will have a team of budding devs developing in react and react native. Due to the fact that the budget is limited, we especially encourage people who are already working and looking for an additional job for their own development, other than writing projects for the drawer. Benefits of cooperation: - you develop your leadership skills while gaining experience as a Team Leader, which is important for your career development, - you help budding developers gain their first experience, -work for 30-40 hours per month, so you don't have to give up your job. - if you have your own app idea, we can join forces together. You will be supported by a team of entry-level developers, UX/UI, and experienced developers. Specify your hourly rate in your offer
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Job category:
Mobile applications
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Preferable skills:
mobile applications
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Job description

I am looking for a person/company who has a license for the Unity program and who would undertake the update of the mobile application.

Required functions:

mobile app

Operating system:

iOS, Android

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