The order concerns the implementation of a B2B platform based on two web applications. Main Application and Client Application connected with the online store

Preferable skills:

online shop
payment module
web site

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Published: Status: open

Job description

The main application is to automatically download data from the subject's system and generate a product feed that can be downloaded manually by client applications.

Client applications will be able to download selected product categories from the Global Biuro product feed, but will not have a direct connection to the product database.

In the client application, it must be possible to individually edit the prices of the products, according to which the products are sold.

Orders placed by the end customer go through the client application and are placed with the supplier bypassing the Global Bureau.

Client applications must be able to retrieve inventory levels from different inventory programs at the same time.

Both applications must have built-in store functionality that allows direct purchases by the customer.

Integration with Przelewy24

Integration with courier companies

Generating sales statistics in the client application and feed downloads in the main application

Split buyers in the client application into groups with different prices and generate coupons

Receiving access to the product feed of the client application

Downloading the product feed without the price column.

The ability to download invoices from the application

Mass update of product prices.

Required functions:

integration with the warehouse / accounting program, payment systems, courier, mobile version, b2b and b2c panel,

Template / individual design:

On the Contractor's side

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