System for a car workshop - valuation for the needs of co-financing

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web application
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Job description

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A1 - Development of an IT system compatible with the current website based on the PHP programming language and / or as an independent tool for use in other communication channels

A2 - Service maintenance and security subscription

The monthly subscription includes IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, module care, maintenance of the server, e-mail, domains, certificates, and integration services along with backup copies on an external server and modernization works for 10 hours per month. Duration 24 months.

Estimated time scope of A1 works:

Conceptual workshop with programmers - establishing technical conditions, functionality, security requirements (50 h)

Development of an initial prototype, testing basic functionalities (150 h)

Programming work, including designing the user interface and data analytics interface, graphics, automation (510 h)

Testing and corrections (40 h)

Acceptance - showing all functionalities (10 h)

Implementation of the indicated hosting (20 h)

Support during the test period (30 h)

A total of 810h

Details below.

Required functions:

System module collecting information from the client: a.about vehicle data -written -or by taking a photo of the registration certificate b. the form of the transfer of the vehicle - pickup from the city area - where it should be picked up - pickup from the company's square (without contact) c. about required repairs - in the form of a photo or video (no need for a personal visit) -in the form of a description d. selection of the price shelf of the performed repair e. the maximum repair budget f. maximum waiting time for repair (priority) 2. Night module - Installed on the device located on the premises of the company, it allows to leave the vehicle / device on the premises of the company outside working hours and securely hand over documents / keys with the registration of the order for repair. 3. Repair Return Module - Allows the customer to decide how they want to pick up the vehicle. Whether in a non-contact way from the company's yard or as a home delivery order. 4. Base module - Collects and stores data of customer submissions. It allows you to carry out processes aimed at handling requests after a specified time (e.g. reminders about the annual service), generating subsequent orders related to those from the database (sales extension, up-sale) 5. Analytical and reporting module - It compiles specific features of orders and prepares reports in any chosen period of time to optimize the level of services provided. 6. Billing module - It will enable the client to remotely settle the commissioned and actually performed work, used parts, and components. It eliminates the need to purchase new equipment in the form of payment terminals made available to customers and increases flexibility and shortens the time of payment execution. 7. Remote repair module - e-diagnostics Using a video call, the client will be able to present the problem, and the technician will be able to assess, repair, or indicate the scope of the required work in real-time. Settlement for a remote service will be possible through the bill

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