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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Baselinker integrations, dropshipping
    Proposed by freelancer
    The client wants to enter dropshipping in the following way and start selling in this model: - Use Baselinker as the main and central tool for data transfer - Integrate Baselinker with selected wholesalers (not only those provided by BS, but also via API or XML upload with those that are not natively integrated) - Then sell dropshipping items through your store set up on Shoper and through selected marketplaces, such as Allegro
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Baselinker integration with wholesalers
    Proposed by freelancer
    Integrate Baselinker with selected wholesalers (not only those provided by BS, but also via API or XML upload with those that are not natively integrated)
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    WooCommerce store UX audit
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer who is interested in doing a free UX audit and suggesting and pricing the changes he proposes to make.
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    I'm looking for someone to configure the program and synchronize it with Comarch online store, it's all about everything so that you can use it freely. Configuration of payments and deliveries in the e-store, website template, synchronization of both programs and learning the people who will work on it. I would be happy to work with someone who is very familiar with the capabilities of Optima and the Comarch online store.
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    Hello, looking for someone who has experience in creating an integration of przelewy 24 with shopify. He wants to connect his store directly with transfers 24, he does not want to use any mollie or other things. The whole store is ready, all that is left is to hook up the payment gateway.
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    Woocommerce B2B and B2C customization
    Proposed by freelancer
    Customization: 1. Ability to set different prices depending on customer status. By default, when a user registers, he becomes a "customer" and has retail prices - both if he registers as retail and wholesale. The difference is that if he registers as a wholesaler, he has information next to the prices that he is waiting for verification and wholesale prices will be visible after verification (change of permissions/account roles). 2. The ability to create products visible only to verified wholesale customers. 3. A registration subpage that includes the ability to choose whether the user registers as a retail or wholesale customer. We want to be able to edit the content of this sub-page from the panel - adding mandatory and optional fields, text, etc. 4. prices for unregistered users and retail customers gross, for wholesale customers net with visible gross price and VAT rate. 5. Different content of WooCommerce notification emails depending on retail/wholesale customer status. Content of emails editable from the panel. and more...
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    Business card website with online store , products: 1. automatic payment, invoice and shipping of products by email in pdf. 2. automatic payment, invoice and dispatch in email with information.
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    Jakub Węzka
    Woocommerce checkout customization
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, we are looking for a person to make a Woocommerce checkout exactly like in this project: The checkout will be designed for ordering only one product at a time (the name, description and a distinguishing photo of the product will be displayed on the left side). Available payment methods: BLIK, Payment Cards, Transfers24. BLIK or Payment Card payment details are entered directly in the checkout. All through integration with Stripe. Choosing to pay by card is to charge a discount of -10%. Interactivity / behavior of fields after focus is to be like here: In addition, checkout is to be embedded using the plugin + Elementora PRO (plugins provided). Here is shown what is involved: ➡️ Please send me your portfolio and quote.
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    Shopify - variation of goods
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order a solution to the problem of variants of goods on the product card. Products have colors and sizes - I would like to pull these parameters into the client part of the store, and the customer could efficiently select the model of interest, assuming that changing the variant changes the product photos. For example, the goods come in two color variants (black and white), and each color has its own photos, changing the color variant from black to white changes the arrangement of photos showing the product in white.
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    In a store based on WooCommerce and built-in Oxygen Builder using the OxyUltimate Woo plugin, two modifications need to be made: 1. after adding a product with variants to the cart, the "clear" action starts automatically (the product is added to the cart and the selection options reset, the "clear" button disappears, and the user again has all the options in the attributes to choose from. 2. after adding a product to the cart, the shopping cart that is already embedded in the store leaves, but only if the width of the browser window is narrower than 1024 px. (The shopping cart exit option is built into OxyUltimate Woo and you only need to disable the shopping cart exit for window widths greater than 1024 px).
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Online shops
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Preferable skills:
online shop
web site
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Job description

Looking for someone who has experience in editing stores on the shoper platform. I have a working store however it has a lot of errors. I set it up on my own and it is not very intuitive and lacks content. A store with clothing for women. A few things I see that need to be improved but I would welcome the knowledge of someone experienced. The main work is the layout of the site, adding redirect buttons to purchase next to the graphics,

Scope of work that I see and are to be improved:

- Adding content to the site needs someone to have a hand in Copy under SEO so that the site starts to have content for SEO

- Refining the site for view on mobile simplifying the purchasing process

- preparing the right product categories and checking the titles H1, H2 , H3

- implementation of merchant center with google

- checking the size of graphics and adding them titles under SEO

- if someone has to deal with it running allegro system on shoper

I checked the store in page speed, google trends, ubersuggest, screamingfrog and it needs a few tweaks.

These are rather simple jobs, however, do not want to spoil something. And also the shopper system itself is not very easy for me. The store has a rather good sales therefore welcome experience what can be done better and to further improve the results and UX of the site for the customer.

Required functions:

Improving the template on the main page, checking SEO and what I wrote down in the details

Template / individual design:

own that is already running on shoper, may need graphic design skills to improve the current ones.