Speech Transcription

Preferable skills:

transcription of notes

Expected budget:

90.00 USD

Published: Status: closed

Job description

The recordings can be done on your Phone, Laptop or a tablet. A typical task will involve recording 1000 sentences in a natural flow in a silent environment.

You are required to record 1000 sentences as mentioned above using the recording App provided as per the guidelines.

Note: The delivery is required within 5 days of assignment.

Support will be provided by our coordinator to walk you through.

Post successful completion of this paid task you can expect a continuous stream of work coming your way from our end if you meet our expectations.

Preferable Criteria:

Candidate should be native of the region and well versed with local accents.

Candidates preferred nativities from Luzern, Stans, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Chur, Sankt Gallen

Number of characters:

800 words excluding spaces

The language of the text:

Swiss German-English and vice versa

Type and number of texts:

should be working on 800 words per hour. Will be more like a description

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