Reporter with passion, cooperation in Szczecin

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Are from Szczecin or the surrounding area? If you see an interesting topic, take pictures, add a few lines description and publish on our portal.

We are looking for people with the so-called "claw". You start as a reporter and it can simply be an addition to your main activity as a student o full time worker.

Important: you have to see the potential in the topic yourself. You walk / drive through Szczecin, see and react to what you see.

Ultimately, you can become the head of the online editorial office if you have such ambitions.

At the beginning, we expect an average of 3 photo/news items per week.

Suggest your financial expectations.

Attach some photos and descriptions that will convince us that you have an eye and the claw.

Type and length:

1 report consist of 5 to 7 photos and a short description or short up to 3 minutes movie.

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