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Recording of programming lessons for children and teenagers

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    3x Music from our samples
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I need 3 music to start with. Just what kind, length at least 2,5 minutes. Prerequisite is that they should be from non-public samples (the system will detect public). If everything is ok then I will order about 15 per month. Quality and musical genre do not matter. The main thing is that they should be "their own" and not a mix of ready-made samples.
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Music and sounds
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130.00 PLN

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Job description

We are looking for people/persons to record lessons for children on programming/game development.

The recording is to be voice and screen image (showing the process of programming/game development). No face/vision of the person recording. The lessons are divided into steps, so a single recording takes several to several minutes.

There is a ready script (exactly everything to be said) and a program.

We are looking for people who are well-versed in at least one of the environments: Python, Unity, Roblox.

Interested persons please:

- send a voice sample (read attached fragment of the script) - you can along with the screen, but you don't have to

- information about the languages/environments in which it is possible to record

- a proposal for pricing, e.g. for 1 h of recording (lessons are of different lengths, the course has 30 lessons)

Type and length:

One course is 30 lessons (of various lengths)