ReactNative - Form from radioButton - download and upload to firebase

Preferable skills:

mobile applications

Expected budget:

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Job description

Database for downloading data:

Screen displaying the form: (example appearance - no styling required)

Radio buttons marked as "O"

The number of Questions and answers assigned to them is not constant!

The user must choose the answer to each question (one) to submit the form

Template for the write base:

user: id of the logged in user from firebase

The form saves selected items in the database for a given logged in user in a different collection

(if user does not find in the collection in any of the content items user matching the user's id, it creates a new one, if it finds it adds another quiz id to the map, if a quiz with such id exists, it overwrites the answers)

Operating system:


Required functions:

Code in React Native, Firebase database. Form with Radio Buttons. Reading from the database. Record to database

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Rashmi Nandwana
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added on 2021-01-20
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added on 2021-01-15