Promotion of accounts and channels of two live streamers - selling products via Live

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Job description

The task is to prepare and implement the promotion of two LiveStreamer channels.

Preparation and implementation of the promotion plan. Monthly campaign with a budget of PLN 1,500 + Initial estimates and declarations of goals in the promotion plan.

The purpose of the campaign

• an increase in the number of live participants carried out by Livestreamers (FB and YT about 2 streams a week)

• increasing the number of Sub and likes in channels - YT, FB, Insta - of individual streamers.

• The appearance of the sale of the offered products on Live

Guidelines for posts and activity of streamers in social media channels in order to optimally use the synergy (cooperation) of campaigners and live streamers. Interesting ideas with the use of virality and buzz marketing - for the effective use of the budget.

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Influence Marketing, Live Commerce, Social Media

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